Types of experiences students can expect:
  • Theoretical, methodological, and analytical training related to the areas stated on the homepage.

  • Working within an interdisciplinary framework embedded in psychology.

  • Participation in research, community action, and outreach working with media.

  • Participation in lab meetings with various graduate and undergraduate members.

  • Develop independent research projects and/or collaborate on ongoing work.

  • Opportunity to collaborate on scholarly presentations and publications.

  • A safe, egalitarian, and supportive environment for all students interested in psychology for social change.

Bi-weekly and scheduled at the start of each semester.


Lab Managers: Elizabeth Owens & Hannah Song

Lab Meetings:
Contact for Admission/Interviews:
Active Research:

The Health and Well-Being of Transgender and Gender Non-Conforming Individuals of Color

Undoing Sexual Racism

Mobile Dating and Ethics – Mitigating Digitally Mediated Intimate Harm

Gender, Sexuality and Identity in the Middle-Eastern Diaspora

Domestic Sex Trafficking

The Psychology of Heterosexuality

Sexual Assault Prevention and Response

Problematic Pornography Use in Intimate Relationships

Various Aspects of the Sex Industry

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