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Our Work

We work with interdisciplinary research teams, community organizations and policy makers across the globe. Drawing on mixed-methods, discursive methods, as well as new and emerging methodologies, our work sits across three major clusters:

  • Working with marginalised populations in order to foster inclusion and promote social justice

  • Examining emerging social issues in the area of technology, identity, gender, sexuality and race/ethnicity

  • Epistemological/Methodological developments in Psychology

Our work draws on social psychological theory, intersectional theory, critical theory, feminist theory, and broadly spans the following concerns:

  • The primary prevention of gender inequality and sexism

  • The primary prevention of gender-based/sexual violence

  • Ethical relationality

  • Contemporary shifts in intimate life (across the globe)

  • The sex industry and sex trafficking

  • Intersectionality, social inclusion, social justice (focusing on marginalised groups, politics and policy)

  • Research methods in psychology

Active projects: Research

  • Transgender health and identity development in US – gender and sexuality across the minority experience (African, Black and Latinx population) – with Dr Lisa Rubin and Dr Thomas Vance, Sam Klein, and Kay Nikiforova.

  • Mitigating technologically mediated harm: The pleasures, danger and ethics of online dating – with Professor Rosalind Gill (University of London UK), Dr Roisin Ryan-Flood (University of Essex, UK), Professor Maria Gurevich (Ryerson University, Canada), Dr Tiina Vares (University of Canterbury, NZ), Tara Pond (AUT, NZ).

  • Problematic porn use in intimate heterosexual relationships

  • Making sense of online pornography

Active projects: Books

  • Farvid, P. (in press, 2020/21). The Psychology of Heterosexuality: Theory, Research and Practice. New York: Palgrave Macmillan.

  • Farvid, P. & Orchard, T. (pipeline) Swiping Ourselves: Gender, Power & Sexuality in Digital Dating Cultures. Palgrave Studies In (Re)Presenting Gender

  • Callander, D., Farvid, P. & Baradaran, A. (pipeline). Sexual Racism. New York, Oxford University Press.


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