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We work with interdisciplinary research teams, community organizations, and policy makers across the globe, drawing on mixed-methods, discursive methods, participatory approaches, as well as new and emerging methodologies.

Ongoing Research Projects in The SexTech Lab


  • AI, The Future, and Social Justice

  • The Use of AI Technology in Art Therapy

  • Mobile Dating During Covid

  • The Politics of Online Sex Work


  • Iranian Diasporic Psychologies

  • Non-Western Genders and Sexualities

  • Challenging WEIRD Psychology


  • Sexual Racism and Social Justice

  • Psychology and Heterosexuality

  • Being Young and Non-Binary

  • Recreational Psychedelic Use and Gender Identification

Types of experiences students can expect

Theoretical, methodological, and analytical training

Participation in lab meetings with various graduate and undergraduate members

Opportunity to collaborate on scholarly presentations and publications

Working within an interdisciplinary framework embedded in psychology

Develop independent research projects and/or collaborate on ongoing work

A safe, egalitarian, and supportive environment for all students interested in psychology for social change

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